About the NBEA

Bringing the nation's teachers and classrooms into the technology and information age has been our goal at the National Business Education Alliance (NBEA) since 1987. We understand the challenges that teachers face every day while trying to connect students to the increasingly complex and adaptive content that must be mastered to be successful in today's world. The NBEA partners with education organizations to offer tools for integrating digital technologies with 21st Century learning experiences.

The NBEA is a non-profit 501(c)3 research organization dedicated to a diversified program of teacher enhancement. Our mission is to pique student interest by developing programs to help teachers meet the needs of today's rapidly changing society—a world in which students grow up surrounded by high-technology, ready and eager for its relevance to their learning experience. The NBEA was founded by educators from around the nation who saw the need for integrating computer and telecommunications technology into everyday classrooms. The NBEA continues to participate in action research on digital learning and its relevancy and effectiveness in today's classrooms.

National Business Education Alliance Board of Directors
Ms. Dennee DeKay — Executive Director, Medford OR
Ms. Dana Pearce — Assistant Executive Director, Grants Pass OR
Mr. Jeffrey Martin — Board Member, Dallas TX
Mr. David Baxley — Board Member, Oceanside CA
Ms. Tiffany Ondracek — Board Member, Austin, TX
Dr. Chris Moersch — Board Member, Carlsbad CA
Ms. Jan Bates — Billing Administrator, Wills Point TX