Continuous Action Research

As part of our ongoing research efforts exploring the effectiveness of technology use in schools, the National Business Education Alliance is partnering with LoTi Connection to offer the LoTi Digital Age Survey to selected school systems nationwide. The purpose is to measure each state's progress in using digital resources to improve and accelerate teaching and student learning outcomes in its K-12 public schools consistent with the U.S. Department of Educationís National Edcuation Technology Plan and the Alliance for Effective Education's Future Ready Schools framework. The resulting data collected from the LoTi Digital Age Survey will be used

  1. by state departments of education as a metric for tracking and reporting the transformation to digital learning within each state,
  2. by school teachers and instructional leaders as a metric for tracking professional goals and planning future professional development,
  3. by the National Business Education Alliance for ongoing research about the state of digital learning throughout the nation.


For more information about participating, please contact

The Levels of Teaching Innovation (LoTi) scale was developed an effort to accurately measure authentic classroom technology use. This scale focuses on the use of technology as an interactive learning medium because this particular component has the greatest and lasting impact on classroom pedagogy and is the most difficult to implement and assess. The challenge is not merely to use technology to achieve isolated tasks (e.g., word processing a research paper, creating a multimedia slide show, browsing the Internet), but rather to integrate technology in an exemplary manner that supports purposeful 21st Century problem-solving, performance-based assessment practices, and experiential learning—all vital characteristics of the National Edcuation Technology Plan and the Alliance for Effective Education’s Future Ready Schools initiative.

The LoTi Framework has been internationally recognized as a symbol and catalyst for systemic reform in classroom uses of technology, and has been used in hundred of doctoral dissertations, thesis projects, conference proceedings, and scholarly articles as a metric for measuring digital learning. Thousands of school systems worldwide have adopted the LoTi standard to gauge their efforts toward improving instructional technology practices.

Below is the link to a white paper about our research agenda for the LoTi Digital Age Survey called, Finding the Missing Link to Effective Technology Use in Schools.

Missing Link White Paper